Brilliant Design

A Compilation of a good idea, outstanding style, and brilliant engineered product that can suit your high expectation

Excellent Quality

A trustworthy craftsmanship. A very finely neat and tidy product quality that made by a fine skillful craftsman

Versatile Products

An outstanding R&D which designing any type of chair that can suit into any type of interior, style and concept.

Proudly Malaysia

Product that made in Malaysia with our proudly professional Malaysians

Fast Processing

An exceptionally fast manufacturing that can produce a large number of product within a tight span.

Legendary Tale

Time have proved that our manufacture are among the best in this 16 years 

In 1997 we come to the market with small business that produce small item. Through the hardship, adaptation, innovation and evolution, we become more independent and fastly spread the market all over peninsular Malaysia.
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