Thank you for your recent purchase with SEDIA. There is nothing more satisfying than making a great decision and investment for you new purchase with us. You should enjoy sitting and don’t live in fear on your new sofa. We have comitted to provide warranty to your sofas within one year limited warranty manufacturing defect (form and upholstery only) from the date or purchase. For all warranty claims, at our discretion, will be repaired and replaced a no cost subject to the defects and damages are fall under warranty policies. The warranty claim for non-comfortmance with specification and defective materials must be made within 2 weeks of delivery. We assume no liability for the transit damages.

    Enjoy Sitting…

    Your Sincerely,




    1. Defect caused by the attach of household pets, fire, nature disaster, flood & pollution

    2. Product being damage due to tampering, altered or repaired by unauthorized person, misuse, negligence, riot or accident.

    3. Product damage due to commercial use.

    4. All transportation costs are responsibility of the purchaser or defect, repair, replacement, damages that is not covered.

    5. Sofa fabrics/leather damage due to cuts, burns, stains, soiling, pet damage, pock by sharp object, jumping on the seats and after fabric protectant and improper cleaning.

    6. Due to chemical make-up of certain fabric fibres we do not warranty any problem, which may result from expose to excessive heat or sunlight, chemical such as solvent, ink and abbrasives.

    7. Pilling (or the release of excess fiber result in pills of fiber foaming the surface of the cover) is not warrant by us, as its not seen to be a defect, and its simply excess materials being release.








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